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Birdcage Scaffolding

Birdcage scaffolding consists of standards arranged at regular intervals in parallel lines, which are usually evenly spaced apart. The standards are fastened together with ledgers and transoms at every lift to form a grid structure. A birdcage scaffold is often a large structure that is typically used inside buildings, however, they can also be used for exterior maintenance and installation work where work access to above ground level is required. It is almost always completely enclosed with a top being being fully boarded. 

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What type of work is carried out using birdcage scaffolding?

Birdcage scaffolding creates a large safe platform for workers to perform tasks such as painting ceilings, fitting lights, or steelwork maintenance. They may also be used to gain access for one on a large area of pipework or industrial plant, in which case a number of lifts may need to be fully boarded. Essentially, birdcage scaffolding is ideal for both small tasks or as part of a larger construction project and offer a much safer alternative to using ladders. 


Although birdcage designs are unable to reach the heights of other scaffolding solutions, they are a quick and practical solution of any project which is just out of reach. They are practical choices for both interior and exterior maintenance and installation work and do not need to be attached to walls, meaning that they can stand independently under their own weight. 


We work hard to deliver a premium, professional standard of service across the nation. All of our scaffolding is designed to meet British Standard (BS EN 12811-1:2003) and go above and beyond expected health and safety requirements. 


If you would like to discuss birdcage scaffolding in more detail with one of our in-house scaffolding specialists, or learn more about our high-quality scaffolding services, please get in touch

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