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Independent Scaffolding

Independent scaffolding is one of the most common types of scaffolding used for access works and is typically used to provide access to a building façade. Independent scaffolding is designed using two rows of vertical tubular members called standards, erected parallel to the building or wall. These standards are fastened together with horizontal longitudinal members called ledgers, connected with right-angle couplers to form lifts (horizontal levels). 

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What type of work is carried out using independent scaffolding?

Independent scaffold can be used for any type of work that needs to be done at height, whether that is light fittings, ventilation installation or rendering. It is often used for interior work in large buildings, such as halls or churches. As the types of independent scaffolding are so broad, the nature of the job will determine which system is best. 


Independent scaffolding is one of the most common forms of scaffolding used on a variety of construction and project sites. It is quick to assemble and provides efficient access for workers who need access to higher levels to complete certain tasks, usually at ceiling height. It offers a substantially more secure option in comparison to using ladders and greatly minimises the risk of accidents if used appropriately. Its ability to stand erect independently means that it is a great option if wall or building attached scaffolding is not a viable option. 


We work hard to deliver a premium, professional standard of service across the nation. All of our scaffolding is designed to meet British Standard (BS EN 12811-1:2003) and go above and beyond expected health and safety requirements. 


If you would like to discuss independent scaffolding in more detail with one of our in-house scaffolding specialists, or learn more about our high-quality scaffolding services, please get in touch

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